This week, some of the most successful senior executives from the U.K. semiconductor industry gathered at the birthplace of modern computing, the Bletchley Park National Museum of Computing, to discuss how to crack the code to chip startup innovation in the country.

It was rather like a re-run of Captain Ridley’s shooting party [see my note at the end of this story], quipped Sean Redmond, managing partner of the incubator Silicon Catalyst, co-host of the gathering this week with the National Microelectronics Institute (NMI). The two organizations announced a collaboration just a couple of weeks ago to work on creating the right environment for more U.K. semiconductor startups to be more successful globally.

The gathering this week was aimed at bringing together in a room those who can potentially help make that happen, discuss what are the challenges and the possible solutions. There were successful chip and EDA industry veterans like Jalal Bagherli, Simon Davidmann, and Stan Boland, as well as other influencers in the ecosystem such as John Goodacre and Neil Dickens, plus of course various startup founders, as well as government representation on semiconductor industry policy.


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